John McCain Joins Council on Foreign Relations

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Mirrored direct HTML link here and two CFR/McCain Annual Report Speeches here )


The Trilateral Commission

America's Secret Establishment - An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones


BREAKING HOT!: Former McCain Aide "Torie" Clarke Responsible for Pentagon Disinformation Agency Debacle

FreeRepublic Founder Jim Robinson Says: "We Need More McCains"

McCain Seeks Ban on College Sports Gambling

Washington Post: Large-Scale McCain/Kristol "Cell" Operating Within White House

The American Prowler: The Media-McCain Collusion Act
Washington Times: McCain "Doubts" Iraq Holding American Pilot
Top McCain Advisor Defects to Democrat Party

"Straight-Talk America": McCain `Reaches Out' to Democrats"

Hypocrite McCain Admits to Being "Tainted" by Global Crossing Funds (McCain, its Top contributor)
Liberal John Switches Vote--Wants to Keep Real Estate Tax Permanent
McCain Scores a lowest-ever 68% rating (American Conservative Union)
Stage Set for McCain to "Officially" Become a Democrat
McCain's Fundraising Slows Dramatically in 2001

Meet the New Shadow Government

More on the Shadow Government and here

Guess Who's Tracking You by Cell Phone?

Top 10 Reasons to "Dump McCain"


Cos he's just too damned cosy with Teddy, Larry, Curly & Mo (Udall).


If we had really wanted a loud, foul-mouthed carpetbagger, we would have elected Hillary!


He's spent more time in Vietnam in the last 12 months than he has in Arizona.


His fellow GOP Senators know why. (pa'dump!)


Because he's just not Jon Kyl.


Because he broke the bank in the Keating-5 scandal, and now he's busting our balls.


Because the Democrats put "first dibs" on him.


When our military had their absentee ballots denied them, John McCain went MIA/AWOL.


They don't call him "McTimeBomb" for nuthin'.


Because 20 years is long enough. Because the courts won't give us term limits. Because CNN needs him more than we do.

The Wheel of Time has changed, and it's time for him to go.

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Read My Lips: Part Duh!

Let John McCain Know You Care!

A Nifty, Direct Senate Pipeline
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The Arizona Breakfast Club--AZ's Premier Conservative Forum

Veteran journalist and Pulitzer-winner Sydney Schanberg, who was the subject of the movie
The Killing Fields, explodes the McCain "war-hero" myth.

Fellow Veteran Ted Sampley on McCain, for US Veterans Dispatch

Where Are You? (On the Political Spectrum)

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